Fall foliage under acrylic glass - a short review

As mentioned before ( Algonquin Park — a peaceful getaway near Toronto) I decided to order a large panorama print of this beautiful landscape within Algonquin Provincial Park (located in Canada, Ontario) which was shot with my Fujifilm X-E1 interchangeable lens camera.

In order to fit perfectly into the guest room I ordered a 120*60 cm exposure with 6 mm glossy acrylic glass (called LUMASEC) from the well respected WhiteWall imaging service. I have great trust in the workflow they use (handling of color profiles and no need for any image modification in the production process) so I skipped ordering a small preview as my last orders from WhiteWall exceeded my expectations :)

The package arrived even one day early and was very well protected. Additionally a robust hanging system came pre-installed on the product's backplate. The quality of the image is simply outstanding:

  • 3 dimensional look because of the thick surface
  • great colors
  • the colors match my calibrated screen
  • great dynamic (even in the shadows)
  • there is no visible grid of pixels
  • there are no flaws in the acrylic surface nor aluminum backplate

This won't be my last order from WhiteWall - the results are worth the extra money...