Site Relaunch

Welcome to the 3rd version of my site -!

After my switch to another service provider last fall I decided not to modernize my old CMS. The main technical reasons were:

  • "WordPress" has a crude architecture in regard to software engineering aspects
  • many old plugins discontinued
  • no native asset management for images, videos and slides shows (albums, tags, ...)
  • inconsistent UX across core and plugins in both back- and frontend
  • no responsive themes were available at the time of my last redesign (only an additional mobile theme)
  • a blog software does not fit all the needs in regard to a true CMS
At the same time I wanted to update my site more regularly with new content without the constant need to interact with numerous inconsistent plugins in the backend of the software. This was the main reason for the lack of new content on - version 2.0. I simply do not have time or delight to spend my time off with WordPress - as my profession is also IT related (e-commerce development professional at dotSource GmbH).

After some evaluation of CMS I discovered one system which fits my needs almost perfect: koken

So I decided to get rid of my old CMS and switch to the new software - including a total rebrand of my site with a simple responsive design which gives more space to the content. With the new system I can spend my leisure time much more productive - by creating content like this photo from the terrace of my work place:

As my contacts and audience gets more and more international I also made the decision to switch from german to english language. When this system provides true multilingual support, some content will be featured in both languages :)

The old content (snapshots of my designs and scientific works) will be ported to this system one section at a time. My german publications will not be translated as they were published and graded by my university (department of computer science at TU-Dresden) in exactly this version.